Here's The Affiliate Promotion Materials Page For eCom Beyond Borders!

Use These Promotional Materials Below To Make More Sales With This Product!

What you are getting here, are tested and proven materials that have been used by myself and others to convince people to buy.

With this, you don’t need to overthink what to say and how to say it before you can be able to convince anyone to make a sale.

Simple Copy And Paste Them For Your Use!

Each Of The Button You Click Below, Would Lead You To Google Drive Where You Can Access Each Of These Materials Apart From The Telegram Link

More will be added to the page as time goes by, so continue to check this page frequently…


These promotional materials are mine, not yours.

They are to be used for one thing; to promote the eCom Beyond Borders Program

You are not allowed to use my promotion materials for any other purpose.

So please be guided and respect my decision.


These banners can be used on blogs, Facebook Post, WhatsApp Status

eMAIL Follow-Up Series

There are two types of email series below;

1. For those who are just starting to build an email list

2. For those who already have an email list 

You can use both irrespective of your present state and they will work perfectly


Below is the link to get already written ads copies 

You can get pictures to use along with these copies from the following websites


Below is the link to get webinar video to use.

You can use this  to educate and easily convert your prospects


Below is the link to get TOP converting Landing Page to use for promotion

You can use this to attract quality leads for your promotion

Requirement To Get Me To Host Classes With You.

IF you can get a minimum of 500 people to register for your free webinar where you plan on selling the eCom Beyond Borders Program then contact me. I will attend/co-host the class with you.

Even though, not everyone will purchase on the first day and that’s where the contents above come in to help you close the sale

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