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The Amazing Secret Of A Failed eCom Beginner turn Expert That Earns More Than 80% Of All eCom Gurus Combined In Nigeria

At Last! Successful Nigeria and Ghanaian eCom Expert Break 6 Years Silence To Teach YOU His Closely Guarded Strategies And Powerful Secrets That Anyone Can Use To (legally) Make As Much As ₦24M By This Time Next Year!”

“I urge you to go and lock the door… put your gadgets offline grab your favourite beverage and study every single word of this letter- because it’s just that damn important!”


Price Increases Anytime Soon

If you would like to know how someone can build an eCommerce business in Ghana without leaving Nigeria and making over ₦30,000,000 in sales in just one year… this is going to be the most interesting letter you will ever read. Here’s why:

I’m going to reveal how you can INSTANTLY set up an eCommerce business in Ghana that makes you tons of money (I’m talking 6…7… and even 8 figure money)…24/7…even while sleeping…

If that excites you- I know you will find this letter to be EXTREMELY valuable

”Because I’m going to show you what took me 6 years to perfect (and even went bankrupt while learning) a PROVEN “Battlefield-Tested” system for learning, mastering and profiting from the BEST business in the World!”

Introduction To:

Ecom Beyond Borders

If you think discovering how to live the “good life” from a guy who went bankrupt is a bad idea

this is not your course.

But if you are looking for the real… the genuine… the no-bullshit way to become filthy successful in eCom and at the same time avoid any of the pitfalls massive eCom people fall into

…this will be the most rewarding page you will ever read..

You See, I Made Over ₦70 Million In Fewer Than 6 Years Using The Very Same Techniques I’ll Reveal To You In This Course. 

I have gone bankrupt for being stupid with my success. I’m going to teach you how to make tons of money from your eCom business and just as important…

I’m going to show you how to keep millions in your bank by not being stupid like I was.

This is my first major course. I am not your average eCom guru, so this course might not follow the logic you expect and come with its own flaws. If you consume it for style or for some underground never expose concept, like I was saying before, this may not be the course for you.

But There Are Modules In This Course, Ideas In This Course And Whole Videos In This Course That I Have Never Had The Ball To Record Or Put Down On Paper Before!

And they will open doors to you maybe as soon as tomorrow, which otherwise might take a lifetime of experimentation for you to discover. I will practically save you time and money because I have wasted such and you will not have to repeat that.

Right now… I’m sure you’re sceptical as hell. You may even be thinking to yourself, will this be worth it. But let me make you a small promise;

Give me a few days.

Watch all the video modules

You will never be the same again.

Once you have watched all the videos…unless you somehow lose your whole brain…it will be impossible for you to ever be an “ordinary eCom person” again.

It will almost be impossible for you not to know how to make tons of money selling to the Ghanaian market,  with no single access as I did almost 6 short years ago.

I hope you will give me the benefit of the doubt with my promise. If you do, please read on.

But If You Can’t Cast Aside Your Skepticism, Please Do Not Waste Any More Of Your Time Reading Further. Unless You Believe In Me, This Course Will Be Worth Nothing To You.

Anyway, before we jump into this thing with both feet…let’s get acquainted.

Let me share with you how my story changed from a young man who failed in e-commerce to a successful 6 figure e-commerce earner just by changing location

2016 had just started and my family supported me with start-up capital to start a business. I’ve just concluded NYSC and have been at home the previous year doing nothing.

I decided to start e-commerce as it was the most promising business for young minds back then with a lot of hypes flying around

So, i bought a course from a “guru” , turned out I wasted my money

At this point, my eyes don dey clear, starting capital just suffered a setback. I proceeded to work as a self-delivery agent for an e-com business just to learn the ropes.

My boss was generous enough to show me how the business works.

8-months into doing self-delivery, my boss called me and told me something that changed my entire life forever

…I had just finished remitting payment for the week’s delivery when he held my hands, i felt his firm grip and his stern look in my eyes…then he said to me

..”Don’t wait until they tell you, YOU ARE READY

That was when I knew I was ready to face the harsh conditions of the business world.

2 months later, I started a fashion accessory eCom business. Got my goods from china down to Nigeria and started making real money.

The business was going fine for a year and some months until a sudden sharp drop in sales hit me like Olumo rock.

Not knowing what to do to rescue my dying source of livelihood, I was going to throw in the towel…when I suddenly decided to have one last look at where I got it all wrong

While I was at that, I realised something unusual…well not so unusual because it has always been there staring at me

I realised quite a number of comments on our post asking if I can deliver to Ghana, this prompted my research into Ghana and its viability for eCommerce.

Turns out Ghana is just like adding another hot buying region to Nigeria but this time with Ghanaians living there.

Due to business already crumbling, I made my way to GHANA in 2018 with just couple of shirts, trousers and unsold fashion accessories from my dead business in Nigeria and startup capital of ₦120,000

Ecom Beyond Borders

I tried to hit the ground running.. so I decided to try my already researched business- the fashion accessory in Ghana

But again it failed!!! this time woefully!!! 

Now I knew I had two options

  1. Either this works or
  2. Either it works excellently well

I started from scratch with nothing but a pen, a pad, and a crazy idea. I’m now going to teach you how to do the same.

Why would I teach these incredible eCom secrets to total strangers for the small fee this course sells for? I don’t know. Maybe I like to teach people stuff.

Maybe after seeing what Obi Cubana did, I realise I need a build a network of successful people as well.

Maybe I want to be immortal. Maybe I want to leave something behind on this Earth after I die that will last forever. Whatever the reason you’re in for a treat.

I named this course ECOM BEYOND BORDERS

Once you have watched all the videos…unless you somehow lose your whole brain…it will be impossible for you to ever be an “ordinary eCom person” again. Because that’s what it’s designed to do. It’s designed to make you a full-blown, certified eCom Success not only in Nigeria but most importantly outside Nigeria within 6 months of watching it.

Stop laughing. 

I’m being serious. 

And I’m going to guarantee it. 

If this course fails to make you a millionaire within the next 12 months… seriously, I want you to send me a letter explaining what you did in an attempt to get successful. 

Maybe I can help you out. 

Maybe you do not want to become a filthy rich millionaire mogul… maybe you just want a better life for your family… that’s alright… but I do have to tell you this…

It’s just as hard to make a “good” income in this business as it is to become filthy rich earning millions a year… and I do not mean this in a negative way… I mean it in the most positive way possible. 

It’s just as hard to turn one naira into three naira one hundred times as it is to do it one million times, so why not do it to its fullest?  

So anyway, let’s get this thing started right away. I’m so excited for you. 

I remember when I was first learning these secrets, piece-by-piece over 6 years ago. It was like a mental orgasm. 

I couldn’t stop devouring this stuff from every source I could squeeze it out of…

Seriously I envy you. I wish I could experience again what you’re about to learn… but of course, I can’t. So I have to settle for the joy of watching the light bulbs go off in the thousands of people who watch this course.

In my head, this course has been begging me to write it for the past five years.

I finally gave in and did it.

Am I happy with the end result?

You bet I am. 

These secrets are used equally by the single Mother trying to put her child in a good private school, to the small businessperson making a great living… all the way to guys who are running BIG eCom businesses here in Nigeria and Outside Nigeria

These techniques are not powerful. They are life-altering. They can even be dangerous if they are not used properly.

So, I’d like to welcome you to the “Best” of your life. I hope after you make your millions you still remember this course and tell everyone you know how it helped you.

Enough already let’s get this party started!

Are you still thinking 200k-500K weekly is outrageous and impossible?

Let me break this down for you:

10 pieces of ₦20,000 products will give you ₦200,000

2 pieces daily will sell 10 pieces in a week

Honestly, in my years of business in Ghana, you can do this in 2 days as a beginner.

If you still think this is impossible or a pure lie, I’m sorry I can’t help you. You are made for the trenches.

My name is Akin Oluyinka. A little over some years ago, I was dead broke. My business was almost bankrupt and I couldn’t even pay the rent. Actually, I wasn’t just broke, I was desperate.

Then one day, I came up with a crazy idea about how to sell to the Ghana market even when I have no one there or have any previous experience selling outside of Nigeria at that time.

After thorough and careful research, I struck GOLD…Ghana is known to be rich in gold but this time I found eCom gold

I realised Ghana is just like a hot buying region in Nigeria where eCom sellers don’t deliver to…can you imagine how untapped such a region would be

I imported my first 50 pieces of product with about ₦56,000 and that was the turning point in my life

First Purchases

first payment Ecom Beyond Borders

I grew this one product  to over $30,000 in procurement and over $59,500 in revenue within a year

Ecom Beyond Borders

The bottom line? Simply this:

Before I was finished, that one single product pulled in…

₦30,000,000 in orders for the product I was selling!

Think about it: More than a half-million people paid for what I was selling. And what was I selling? Actually, It does not matter.

You see, the magic was not in the product, it was in the techniques!

Do you have something to sell? If so, you can use that “crazy concept” I used in my eCom business in Ghana and create your own business as well and sell almost anything you’ve got!

Successful Deliveries

Ecom Beyond Borders

Successful Deliveries

Ecom Beyond Borders

Successful Deliveries

Ecom Beyond Borders

Over GH₵4000 in successful sales in just 72 Hours For just ONE PRODUCT (that is over ₦300k)

Now, imagine what the sales would have been for 10 different products?

Who Needs This Secret?

  • IF you are looking to make consistent income weekly
  • IF you have been making consistent income as a salary earner or an eCom person and you want to scale your income level

  • IF you are an established business person and you are looking to penetrate other West African countries

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, you should try my “crazy strategy”. You can learn more about it in my new course called…

eCom Beyond Borders

Can you imagine making 20-times returns on your investment? It’s breathtaking.


But anyway… learning all about my “crazy strategy” is NOT the only thing you will learn when you watch my new 25plus video course ECOM BEYOND BORDERS. No. That’s just one of the videos! Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn when you watch the rest of the course:

  • How to research the perfect product over a short weekend… so you can start earning your fortune even if you do not have a real business or anything to sell yet! There’s only a certain “hot niche” of products that Ghana people actually WANT to buy
  • How to hire Agencies that’ll take and process all your orders, ship your orders, do the bank deposit, handle customer service requests and refunds… all while you’re on vacation hundreds of miles away!
  • How to know within 3 days if you have the right product… or a really bad idea investing only a little money. I’ve developed a scientifically VALID formula for evaluating your product before processing not in the usual 7 days, it takes… but in just 72hours. It works every time!
  • How to properly craft your pricing for the Ghana market that will get a MINIMUM of 50% conversion… bumping your unit of sale through the roof!
  • How to employ people that will pack, seal, address and then mail as many orders you choose and you won’t have to do anything yourself! In the past 6 years, I have sold millions worth of orders and never had to talk to any customers myself!
  • How to locate and identify large groups of hot people to buy your product. This is where most eCom businesses fuck up. They spend all their time looking for a product that no one is willing to buy
  • A secret “call centre” that will take all your phone orders FOR FREE – 24 hours a day- 7 days a week. After 6 years and making ₦70 Million, I never had to speak with one customer personally!
  • The ONLY 4 reasons why your customer WILL NOT buy your product. Once you master these 4 things, you’ll have people lining up and begging you to take their money!
  • How a few simple math formulas can tell you (before you spend a penny) if you can make millions with your idea… or if you should abandon ASAP!
  • How to earn a 2000% return on your advertising budget- month after month.
  • If you already own a business… I will show you a goldmine you’re sitting on right
    now- that you do not know about that’s worth $1,000 to $10,000 in sales immediately. You can suck these profits into your bank account a week after watching Ecom Beyond Borders
  • How to come up with KILLER concepts and identify the exact cash-rich, passionate prospects, who are DESPERATE to buy your product! Want to know what market I look to when I need to make a million bucks within a month’s time? I’ll reveal it to you!
  • How to market your product to the people using the only REAL techniques that make the Internet pay off. You can count the REAL ways to make money on the Internet on your left hand. The Internet is not as complicated as many people make it out to be and you’ll know MORE ways to make a product profitable than even the best “eCom Guru” just a few videos into the module on Advertising
  • How to protect your assets from unscrupulous “Alphabet Agencies” who are looking to ROB you of your hard-earned profits- even if you’re doing it legitimately. I’ve lost goods worth THOUSANDS OF CEDIS in one day by leaving all my assets “VISIBLE.” I’ll reveal the entire story in The Ecom Beyond Borders. it’ll leave you shaking your head in pure HORROR!
  • This is my own Privately KEPT secret that have made research about how you can send and receive money directly from Ghana…Using the exact and current black market rate at every point in time without getting cheated by any momo agent or bank rate. (This alone make me extra 150% on the current exchange rate market and have never had to loose to Aboki agent ever again)
  • And probably the best chapter in the entire course is the LAST CHAPTER where I’ll reveal how YOU can hire (in my opinion) the BEST Handlers! When you got this in your corner- you’ll never be on your own again- possibly making the wrong choices… and they are so CHEAP- anyone can hire them!
  • I will show you how to buy your own domain and hosting and set up your landing page to promote your products. 
  • Wondering if Ghana is the only West African country I’ve tried this…No! I’ve replicated this same strategy in the Benin Republic and Togo with relatively similar results. Benin and Togo require extra GRIT AND RESILIENCE. It took me lots of failed attempts to understand PRICING AND PRODUCTS for these markets due to the language barrier ( both countries are french speaking) In this module, you’ll get access to my one and most reliable handling agency that handles French countries 100%.

  • You’d also get access to translators that will help translate your sales copy from English to French ( forget Google translate, it’s a mess if you try it. They know it’s not real from the sentence structure Google translate does)

There's Even More, I'm Adding Free Bonuses!

Telegram Broadcast Channel: For All Students that enroll on the program. You will see a telegram link you can join to receive updates as far as eCom in Ghana is concerned.

12 Months Telegram Group: For All Students that enrolls into the program. You will get FREE 12 months mentorship and get first hand updates in respect of eCom in Ghana as it unfold. (worth ₦450,000)
High Conversion: 2 FREE highly converting sales copies for 5 hot niches in Ghana (worth ₦30,000)
No Limit Transaction Secret This is my own Privately KEPT secret that has made research about how you can send and receive money directly from Ghana…Using the exact and current black market rate at every point in time without getting cheated by any momo agent or bank rate. (This alone makes me an extra 150% on the current exchange rate market and have never had to lose to Aboki agent ever again) (worth ₦150,000)
Upsell Rightly: The RIGHT way without having issue with your Campaign or Salespage (this alone will boost conversions with 125%)(worth ₦30,000)
UPDATED Unlikely Facebook Ban: How To REDUCE your chances of Facebook Ban and run your campaign NON-STOP (worth ₦20,000)
Page Builder: I will give you the page builders I use to easily and quickly build my landing pages(worth ₦22,000)
Quarterly Consultation: 30minutes Consultation Session every quarter for 12 months. (worth ₦40,000)

TOTAL VALUE: ($350+) ₦220,000+

TODAY'S VALUE: ($83.33) ₦50,0000

TODAY'S VALUE: ₦75,000


Price Increases Anytime Soon

And I Made The Training Simple To Understand Even For a Kid

More Successful Deliveries

Ecom Beyond Borders

More Successful Deliveries

Ecom Beyond Borders

If the ₦50,000 is going to keep you from feeding your family tonight- please do not buy it. I only want serious “players” to have access to this information.

Ask For Double Your Money Back

sixfiguremarketer Ecom Beyond Borders

I want to give you 365 days to try out this program. So there’s no rush.

If after your purchase and you successfully gain access to this program and you start implementing everything I teach inside this program and you don’t make at least your 50,000 back in the next 365 days , I want you to ask me for your money back and I will not only write you an apology letter, I will also give you 50,000 for wasting your time.

That’s how confident I am about this system.

However, you must show my proof that you implemented everything I showed you inside the system to qualify for this 50,000 and the apology letter (This is to protect myself from the scams who just want to spy on this system and then request their money back)

So you see you have absolutely nothing to lose here but everything to gain.

PS: Here’s one last promise:

“I’ll teach you everything you need to take any product or idea from raw concept to breathtaking success virtually overnight… using the very same time-tested techniques I’ve used to gross over ₦30 Million with my own crazy ideas. 

My new course is over 15 videos of raw, uncut, unedited… no bullshit tactics and secrets you can REALLY use it to make yourself a bundle of cash you can take to the bank IMMEDIATELY!”


Don’t think for a single second that the stuff I’ll teach you in eCom Beyond Borders cannot be used outside Ghana. I’ve sucked-in millions in naira from Togo… Benin and basically other West African countries. So, do not think that this is a “Ghana-only” product.

Look- I may not have the highest IQ… or loudest noise But if there’s one thing I know how to do better than ANYONE ELSE… it’s how to magically show people what they have been missing by not selling to the Ghana market right from the comfort of their Nigeria home. If you feel it’s worth ₦50,000 to better your life order eCom Beyond Borders


Transfer of GH₵ 30,000 in just a Month (as at 2019)

Ecom Beyond Borders

Purchases During The ALMIGHTY Covid Season (the Year 2020)

Ecom Beyond Borders

Withdrawal Of GH₵ 15,000 at at 2020

Ecom Beyond Borders

Purchase As At June 2022

Ecom Beyond Borders

Price Increases Anytime Soon

Thanks For Your Time!

Akin Oluyinka

Ecom Beyond Borders

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